help the poor, make a better life for them

no one has ever become poor by giving

gert sanem


At Bitrise Charity, we are here to change people’s lives for the better. We are a part of Bitrise token, a cryptocurrency that is making life easier by removing intermediaries in the financial industry. The token rewards investors for holding tokens in BNB while also incorporating the Buyback approach to regulate liquidity. We want to give back to the community by donating part of our revenue for charitable causes that will transform people’s lives for the better. 

At Bitrise Charity, our main goal is to help who people are dying from starvation. This is because we understand there are many deaths that are occurring daily across the world just because someone couldn’t find something to eat. Did you know that we are losing over 25,000 people to hunger every day? Well, these are figures shared by United Nations and shows how dire things are out there.

At Bitrise Charity, we want to be part of the many organizations that are working towards reducing this number to zero and more so ensure that no one loses their life to starvation. We understand the pain of hunger and the devastation a person goes through to the point of dying from starvation. It is one of the worst experiences a human can go through, and no one should go through it.

We strongly believe no one should be dying today because they cannot afford food when there is plenty for every one of us. That’s why we are mobilizing resources and standing in the gap between those who are starving and the generous people ready to share the little they have. We believe it is possible to stop starvation deaths by simply sharing with those lacking and reaching the affected in a timely manner.

Our aim is to help as many people as possible to get access to healthy food and clean water for drinking because these are the essential things a starving person needs. We understand that even a small portion of food, even a piece of biscuit, can mean a lot to such persons and could be a turning point for a better life. As our revenues grow, we will be able to save more people from pangs of hunger.

We are also expanding our charity activities to other humanitarian crises like natural disasters and emergencies like medicines. We have all seen the devastation countries like Haiti, which was hit by massive earthquakes, has gone through. To date, most Haitians are struggling to feed themselves and dying from treatable diseases due to a lack of medical supplies. 

We aim to participate in most of the humanitarian crises that are causing huge devastations in people’s lives across the world. Whether it’s floods, earthquakes, fires, climate change instigated crises such as rising sea levels displacing populations, we will be there to help the affected people. Our team will plan how food, medicines and other necessities needs are delivered to the affected in a timely manner.

We envision becoming one of the biggest charities not only helping starving people but also helping them fight hunger. We would like to help them better their lives and feed themselves by providing lasting solutions to their problems. We are borderless, and this has enabled us to reach more people across the world. Statistics show that Asia, Latin America, and Africa are some of the most affected regions by starvation. Bitrise charity will be in these places to make a difference.

We have an elaborate logistical approach designed by our team to ensure efficiency in our operations. Our team understand that getting the help at the right time is what saves a life. We don’t want to be there when one is on the verge of dying but at the most appropriate time. That’s how we are able to make a difference in people’s lives. 

Bitrise Charity community is growing bigger every day. We plan to continue increasing the amount of money spent on charity causes as the Bitrise token grows. Our aim is to help as many people as possible change their lives for the better. Feel free to join the community today and be part of thousands of people changing other people’s lives.